History of Papier d'Armenie


Le Papier d'Armenie is the most ancient natural room deodorizer.  Since 1885, this paper incense has been a household item in France and part of its culture and one of its best known kept secrets; until now…

The main component is Benzoin Resin, obtained from the bark of Styrax trees grown in the Far East (re:Wikipedia) The history started at the end of the 19th century when Auguste Ponsot while travelling through the Ottoman Empire visited Armenia. He found that the inhabitants perfumed and disinfected their homes by burning Benzoin. When he returned to France, he decided to bring back this traditional and ecologically-sound practice.


His associate, the pharmacist Henri Rivier, compounded a liquid form of Benzoin combined with fragrances to create an aromatic and persistent long lasting blend while keeping all its natural characteristics. This liquid was then absorbed into a natural fiber blotting paper.

After many trials, the product was finally as they wanted it. Papier d'Armenie was crowned with success, notably at the Health Exhibition of 1888 and the Universal Exhibition of 1889.


To date, this family run operation, managed by the descendants of Dr. Rivier, use the same six months long traditional manufacturing process handed down from generations in Montrouge, a suburb of Paris.