Papier d'Armenie Triple - 2 BOOKLETS

Papier d'Armenie Triple - 2 BOOKLETS
Papier d'Armenie Triple - 2 BOOKLETS
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The most ancient natural room deodorizer. Since 1885 this benzoin resin based paper incense with its vanilla aroma and other mystic natural fragrances has been a part of the French culture and even mentioned in several popular songs.

More Info Each booklet contains 36 strips. When used as advised, deodorizes your home and removes unpleasant smells of kitchens, restrooms, tobacco and pets while spreading a very pleasant, mystical and oriental hint fragrance which provides a real sensory experience and promotes calm, relaxation and a sense of well-being.
How to use Tear off one strip of paper, fold it in the shape of an accordion, light it, then blow the flame gently and leave it on a small heat-proof container, as it should burn slowly till it consumes within 2-3 minutes. Burn one strip at a time, 3 to 4 times a week. Ventilate the room regularly. Do not leave a strip burning without monitoring. Keep the product from children.

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